The PLM State TBT: How Medical Device Manufacturers Optimize the Risk/Benefit Ratio Over the Product Lifecycle

Welcome to this week's TBT blog!I selected this one from PTC since we're partnering to deliver the latest PLM and IoT technology to the medical device industry. This blog was originally published...

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The PLM State TBT: It’s a Wrap: Putting a Bow on SOLIDWORKS World 2011

Yes, this is picture of my poor dog Buddy with a bow on his head. I thought it fit the headline well. I wanted to close out my thoughts on SOLIDWORKS World and provide a written account of my two...

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The PLM State: Defining Engineering Collaboration Squared and the Importance of Completely Integrating Engineering into the Enterprise

I recently revisited a blog I wrote several years back touting the capabilities and benefits of enabling engineering organizations to collaborate with the rest of the enterprise.  I even coined a...

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The PLM State TBT: Storm Clouds - The Perils of Cloud-Based PLM

Welcome to this week's TBT blog. I selected this one, orginally written in 2012, since we are about to head to Oracle's MSCE where cloud-based PLM will be heavily discussed.

I wrote an article a...

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The PLM State TBT: How Fast Can You Turn Your Ship?

With the recent anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, we have been inundated with images of large ships crashing into things. I have often thought that companies and ships have a lot in...

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The PLM State: PLM is dead, long live PLM!

Recently, we have been on a bit of a journey due to the maturing and transitioning Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) market.  As a long time Oracle partner, we have been a staunch proponent of ...

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The PLM State: What Would Darwin Say About PLM and IoT?

I recently attended a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) conference on PLM and the Internet of Things (IoT), PI PLMx 2017, and met with the team from Zero Wait-State (ZWS).  ZWS led a session on...

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The PLM State TBT: Super Friends Revisited - Application Man: Is he really so super?

Welcome to this week's TBT blog, originally published in 2012, and continuing our Super Friends theme.

I apologize for the long hiatus of the Super Friends blogs. Between the SolidWorks World...

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The PLM State: "Houston, we've had a problem...", or, PLM Planning, IoT, and the Cloud

I recently had the privilege of attending PI PLMx in Ft. Worth, where Captain Jim Lovell gave the opening Keynote. This event is unique in that it focuses exclusively on PLM, unlike other...

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