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LoadState is a desktop tool to validate and import product related compliance and environmental information into Oracle’s Agile PLM. User configurable templates with embedded business validation logic in LoadState reduce the time and effort it takes to validate and import data, and its embedded configurable business rules ensure high data quality.

Accelerate the compliance data collection and validation process for PLM with LoadState.

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LoadState for Today's Complex Regulatory Environment

As the regulatory climate grows increasingly complex, companies must collect more data more frequently than ever, and often without adding headcount to the team. That's why we’ve helped customers implement compliance solutions like Oracle Agile’s Product Governance and Compliance (PG&C) module that helps teams assess products comply with regulations such as RoHS, REACH, etc. More importantly, we have designed LoadState and other process extensions to automate requesting compliance information, and the data collection, validation and import.


Define and apply spreadsheet formula validations in a LoadState template


Set spreadsheet formula calculations to enhance the import data in a LoadState template


Auto download and apply template updates from Agile PLM on starting LoadState


Drag and drop import files into a LoadState folder on your computer


Automate the import data validation process when importing through LoadState


Perform calculations on the import data based on the definitions in the template


Ensure data quality by enforcing field entry via policy

  • Configurable spreadsheet based templates
  • Manage templates in your Oracle Agile PLM system
  • Graphical user interface to configure LoadState
  • Criteria based template selection
  • Drag and drop based data uploading
  • Zero install desktop client
  • Embedded business and validation logic
  • Process automation