Our Oracle Agile PLM Partnership

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Comprehensive Enterprise PLM Solutions for Managing Your Product Value Chain

Products and requirements are growing more complex than ever. Oracle's Agile Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) helps you innovate profitably, with the broadest and most comprehensive solution to efficiently centralize product data, streamline processes, and launch quality products faster.

The Zero Wait-State (ZWS) / Oracle partnership has strengthened over its long history, offering end-to-end PLM products and services for implementation, data migration, and engineering integration throughout the supply chain. Our clients have achieved an integrated product development process.  This allows management to have early visibility into product design and to leverage a fully unified product development system to reduce cost and increase the throughput of new products.

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Oracle's Agile PLM enables you to strategically manage the complete lifecycle of a product: from the ideation phase through to recycling and retirement. More than a technology solution, Agile Product Lifecycle Management focuses on process efficiency, rapid innovation, cross-functional collaboration, closed-loop quality control, risk mitigation, and cost-effectiveness.

Oracle Agile Product Lifecycle Management

  • • Accelerate product innovation
  • • Maximize profitability
  • • Manage the enterprise product record
  • • Improve product design, launch, and support
  • • Optimize the global product network

Agile PLM Automation and Customization Suite

Zero Wait-State offers a suite of specialty software development frameworks, implementation accelerators, and off-the-shelf tools. Our "State" products suite helps Oracle customers achieve rapid time to value with their Agile PLM investment and unlock the full power of their PLM data. 

Our State products have several distinguishing features:

  • • Conform to modern, industry-standard interface and integration standards; not proprietary ones
  • • Leverage configurable templates with embedded business logic so companies can customize their PLM platforms without implementing hard-coded Java process extensions
  • • Enable Agile PLM business users to tailor their interfaces and automate key processes without impacting system configuration and data elements that are under change control.

Agile Engineering Collaboration (EC)

Zero Wait-State provides a packaged software and services offering for rapidly deploying Design Collaboration solutions utilizing Agile's Engineering Collaboration software. This solution allows companies to control engineering information and distribute it to partners and internal resources in an efficient and secure manner. Our approach allows companies to deploy the solution quickly and minimize time and cost associated with implementing the solution.

  • • Design Integration - Capture early design information
  • • Design Collaboration - Controlled access to design data
  • • Design Publication - Automate product structure for Agile
  • • Enterprise Visualization - Share CAD data for review

Integration with other Oracle Agile Modules

  • • Product Collaboration for item and change management
  • • Product Portfolio Management for linking design data to projects
  • • Product Cost Management for material cost and delivery
  • • Product Governance and Compliance for managing specifications like RoHS, REACH, FDA, ISO, etc.

Oracle Solutions Ensure Rapid Implementation and Adoption

  • • Structured implementation ensures best practices adoption and short time to value
  • • Implementation Tools automate the configuration, shortening time and reducing errors
  • • User Training Materials reduce learning curve
  • • Domain knowledge integrated into the Solution


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