Top Rated Support Services for PLM

Available on an ongoing or as-needed basis, Zero Wait-State's Support Services may range from augmenting staff to full service PLM technical administration, maintenance, and functional development and enhancements.


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Access to the Zero Wait-State support team is simple and is constantly available through the online support portal. Various support response options are available depending on customer needs. Resources may be held in reserve for rapid response, scheduled to be “on-call” in either a reserved or fully dedicated manner during specific prearranged time periods. If an unanticipated need for an immediate response is required for certain incidents, the customer may escalate through the Zero Wait-State management chain. Each support agreement includes the following components.


Incident Management

Incident Management capabilities from Zero Wait-State provide the foundational infrastructure and response team readiness for any need, issue, or incident that occurs with the customer. Regardless of the nature of an incident; requests for support will be handled through common incident (case) management.


Ongoing Incident Response and Support—Consulting Services

Zero Wait-State will respond to incidents as outlined below and will work with the customer to determine possible solutions. This support may be to provide suggestions or even requirements in order to create a solution, or to understand and communicate potential support limitations.


Project Oversight and Project Management

Effective Project Management is essential for project success and customer satisfaction. Zero Wait-State places great importance on this aspect of project execution and is dependent upon Customer participation. In addition to a technical support resource, a project manager will be assigned to provide regular communication of status and issues, gathering and responding to customer feedback, and managing resources to achieve project objectives.