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Save time and avoid tedious, repetitious tasks with RevState.

RevState makes it easy to automate settings or verify the "New Rev" and "Lifecycle Phases" for all affected items on a change order in PLM.

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Automate Revision and Lifecycle Changes Data Entry 

RevState will verify or set the “New Rev” and “Lifecycle Phase” for all affected items on a Change Order according to a predefined, user-configurable revision sequence and lifecycle logic. If these attributes are not set, RevState will set these to the default initial value or to the next logical value in the sequence based on the Old Rev and Old Lifecycle Phase.


Automate tedious, manual tasks.


Avoid errors from manually updating change order status.


Verify or set "New Rev" or "Lifecycle Phase" for affected items automatically.


Automatically set undetermined attributes to the default initial value or next logical value in a sequence.


Set It

  • Decide on a revision and lifecycle phase sequence for your Agile PLM environment.

Trigger It

  • Trigger updates automatically when an affected item is added to a change order.
  • Trigger updates automatically when a change order moves to a particular workflow status.
  • RevState may also be configured as an Actions menu item for Change Orders and will set information when manually invoked from the menu.