Industrial Customer PLM Success Stories


Location: San Antonio, TX
Service: DesignState and Data Migration


The Challenge

The complicated environment at EControls included product data that was maintained in spreadsheets, a SolidWorks PDM system, a JDE ERP system. The company had no PLM system.

None of these systems were integrated. Much of the data was subject to manual data entry, workarounds and errors.


The Solution

Zero Wait-State Data Migration services normalized EControls data from various sources to prepare it for loading in the PLM system. Zero Wait-State then implemented Agile PLM and PPM.

Additionally, Zero Wait-State used DesignState to provide a bidirectional integration between the PDM system and the PLM system.


The Benefits

The newly normalized data from multiple sources was loaded into the PLM system to establish its foundation.

The Agile PLM system is now the change control system for product information.

Information formerly maintained in spreadsheets is now maintained in the PLM system so that there is a single version of the product’s current state.