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Zero Wait-State Announces New Cloud-enabling Technology CloudState for Product Development Organizations

Cloud Integration for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

AUSTIN, TEXAS, MARCH 08, 2017 - Zero Wait-State is announcing today the immediate availability of new cloud enabling technology CloudState for product development organizations.  This integration platform will allow companies to integrate engineering systems like SolidWorks, CREO, Onshape, AutoCAD Inventor, NX and Catia with cloud-based Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) offerings from companies including Oracle PLM and Salesforce-based PropelPLM.  This platform will also allow cloud-based Computer Aided Design (CAD) tools like Onshape to integrate with traditional PLM tools like Oracle’s Agile PLM, PTC’s Windchill, and Siemens’ TeamCenter.

Darren Henry, VP of Product Marketing at Onshape, said, “PropelPLM and Zero Wait-State are extending Onshape's Agile Design capabilities into a true customer-focused PLM system. Not only can design teams collaborate and iterate faster during the design process, their customers are now able to easily collaborate on crucial product information during development and after product release.”

CloudState will enable the exchange of data between platforms allowing companies to select “best in class” technology that best meets their needs for product development.  Companies can choose to leverage powerful new cloud-based offerings in PLM from Oracle or PropelPLM while continuing to use their current design tools.  CloudState also allows companies wanting to move their product development capabilities completely to the cloud to use a product like Onshape that fully enables design and collaboration through a browser with all data staying in the cloud. Companies could also leverage Onshape while sharing information with existing on-premise PLM.

Currently Version 1 works with CAD tools from Dassault (SolidWorks), Onshape, and PTC (Creo) and PLM technology from PropelPLM and Oracle (Agile PLM).  Future releases will expand to Quality, Compliance, as well as more CAD tools and PLM technologies both cloud-based and on-premise.

Stephen Porter, founder and CEO of Zero Wait-State, added, “Our clients are looking for powerful cloud-based solutions to drive their new product introduction process, so it was a natural fit to partner with leading cloud-based product development solutions like Oracle, Onshape and PropelPLM. CloudState will enhance these applications and allow companies to realize true “Cloud-Based” product development and collaboration.”

About Zero Wait-State

Zero Wait-State (ZWS) is an industry-leading strategic partner that helps businesses develop and sustain an effective product lifecycle management (PLM) approach. Its exclusive line of PLM products and expert consulting services provide extensive, proven capabilities for implementation, engineering integration, and data migration; backed by ZWS’ unique Outcomes-Based Methodology and TeamState Approach. Zero Wait-State solutions help companies better integrate their design data into their product development and supply chain operations — accelerating innovation, driving revenue growth, and reducing new product introduction (NPI) costs. Zero Wait-State specializes in solutions for companies in the high-tech, medical device, consumer goods, aerospace & defense, and industrial industries. For more information, visit



Amy Fenwick
Director of Marketing
Zero Wait-State

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