Zero Wait-State products combined with our extensive process knowledge allow for delivery of elegant solutions to automate both tedious and complex business tasks which can dramatically accelerate processes while eliminating data and user errors. The benefits?

ZWS Automation Benefits

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    Improved PLM Adoption

    When users are relieved of repetitive, time-consuming and tedious data entry tasks, PLM adoption increases.

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    Improved Data Quality

    When manual processes are automated data quality improves and costly mistakes are avoided.

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    Greater PLM Technology ROI

    By eliminating manual data errors, increasing user adoption and improving data quality, the value of the PLM Technology increases through improved efficiency and product quality.

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    Shorter Time to Market

    Eliminating manual tasks and related errors means that products get to market without undue delays or costly errors.

Solution By Industry

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    High Tech

    Dell Problem

    With a proliferation of processes, projects and customizations in its large, complex Agile PLM installation, Dell's business group relied heavily on IT which caused delays and increased costs.

    ZWS Solution

    The ZWS team pulled Dell's various customizations into plain text rules stored in a spreadsheet held in the Agile PLM system. With training, two users in the business group now support the needs of Dell's business group more quickly than the IT group could.


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    Fresenius's Problem

    Fresenius Medical managed all of its material compliance data outside its Agile PLM system using a completely manual approach. This approach didn't scale well and hindered growth.

    ZWS Solution

    ZWS implemented a complete compliance management solution in Agile PLM using the PLM system-agnostic roll-up engine extension to  AttributeState. This solution currently provides support for RoHS, REACH, Prop 65 and CMR/CLP.

    ZWS also created an integration between the compliance solution in Agile PLM and Total Parts Plus (a Parts Data Content Provider) to automatically pull compliance information from manufacturers for their parts into the PLM system and roll up the compliance states throughout AMLs and BOMs by revision.

    Change processes check parts for compliance and warn about or block the release of changes that will result in a regression of compliance.


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    Daikin's Problem

    Daikin had a well-established Agile PLM implementation, but the company’s solitary IT staffer was completely overloaded maintaining and debugging all the system’s customizations. Engineering staff were bogged down in manual processes that resulted in errors and wasted precious time and productivity.

    ZWS Solution

    Initially Daikin engaged with ZWS on a limited POC (proof of concept) basis to perform several small data extracts, complete some customizations, clear some of IT’s backlog and collaborate with IT to handle issues more readily.

    All of this was accomplished in a single week as part of the initial POC agreement. As a result, the company further engaged with ZWS to use DocState for BOM extracts on production projects.