Remote/External access to your Oracle/Agile PLM environment - Proxy Server option

If your business requirements are driving remote access to Agile PLM and you don’t want to manage multiple VPN accounts, a proxy server may be the best solution. The question now is “Should we do it ourselves (DIY) or have a qualified Agile Partner help us? At ZWS, we believe you should have a choice and a partner willing to offer a DIY assistance option as well as a full service option. [clear]


DIY-coffeemaker-icon.pngDIY Option

If you have the resources and the skills required, you can build your own proxy server and connect it to your Agile environment. If you want a guide during this process, ZWS offers a DIY proxy server cookbook complete with screen shots and 4 hours of services to assist you during the implementation. [clear]


full-service-store-icon.png Full Service Option

If you do not have the resources and/or the skills, ZWS will build a proxy server for you and connect it to your Agile PLM environment, enabling secure remote access to Agile PLM.