connect solidworks PDM professional to oracle Agile Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

DesignState is simple and flexible which makes it the solution of choice to integrate PDM Professional and Agile PLM.

Through simple PDM Professional workflow configuration and the powerful DesignState rules engine, your organization can be creating Agile part Information, BOM structures and change orders in a matter of minutes.

DesignState has the ability to populate the attributes as you wish and if you would rather have the part transformed, Zero Wait-State offers a viewable automation package to create PDFs and other file formats.  This allows information to be available in Agile but keeps your binaries in the PDM.

DesignState PDM Pro to Agile PLM

How Does it Work?


Step 1


Simply move your CAD objects through your PDM Professional workflow, submitting it for Approval.


Step 2


When items are approved, DesignState will gather the required information from the PDM Professional exported BOM.


Step 3


DesignState will create or modify Agile parts, depending on your specifications.  By default, DesignState even attaches the CAD binaries!


Step 4


DesignState can create change orders, adding the parts as affected items, connect to Agile and build or modify the appropriate structures.