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PLM Tech Tips: Troubleshooting with the Acollect AdminViewer

Back in August of this year, Oracle released the Acollect utility for Agile PLM. Although the tool was already available to Oracle Support, this release marked its first exposure to the community at large. Acollect represents a significant step forward in the troubleshooting tool set for the Agile PLM environment and one of the most powerful features that Acollect brings to the table is the AdminViewer. Surprisingly, Adminviewer is barely mentioned in the Acollect release (see Oracle Doc ID 1518524.1 for more information on acquiring and configuring Acollect). This is surprising because AdminViewer may be the best addition to the product next to its ability to diagnose and analyze JVM memory issues.

The AdminViewer gives you access to AgileDatabase details, AgileBase Attributes, AgileBaseClasses, AgileSelectionList, Mappings (critical information when configuring integrations such as EC), NotificationAttributesClass, TableMaps (a magnificent view of the Agile database schema) and UIConfigurationData.

Although each of the categories expands into extensive lists of sub-categories that are too numerous to detail here, a few stand out to me.

AgileDatabase Node

This selection allows anyone to quickly view a substantial list of Property categories - most of which contain multiple items. I counted 54 Property nodes in the AgileDatabase category, including ActivityHealths and ActivityStatuses counters that show items in need of attention.


This category allows you to quickly view the attributes of 53 program classes including name, visibility, and value.

FullTextSearchingSettings and ProcessEXtensionLibrary

You can also view the settings for items like FullTextSearchingSettings and the ProcessEXtensionLibrary. (I know it looks funny but it really is spelled that way in the application.)

Agile Cluster Support

Troubleshooting Agile clusters has always been a challenge and the AdminViewer offers a quick view of replication, multicast and transport settings that can significantly impact the performance of your cluster.

There is a very significant amount of information available in the AdminViewer (too much to list here) that will be invaluable when troubleshooting complex functionality and operational issues. This is a new tool that is worth spending some time to become familiar with.

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