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PLM Tech Tips: A Finely-Tuned Agile PLM System is Like a Finely-Rolled Cigar

cigarsFine cigars, like a finely tuned Agile PLM system, begins with a solid foundation. In the case of the cigar, the foundation is laid by the acquisition of the best raw tobacco, its fermentation, drying and preparation for inclusion in a well defined recipe combining multiple elements. In the case of an Agile PLM system, the foundation is laid before installation of the Agile environment. The right hardware configuration whether a stand-alone server or virtual server (see the Oracle Compatibility Guide), a solid and properly patched operating system are the foundation of a reliable Agile environment.

The installation of the Agile system is analogous to the rolling of the cigar. In the rolling of a fine cigar all the elements of agriculture and preparation come together to create an exceptional user experience. Creation of the Agile system begins with installing the correct components and applying updates where needed. The components are Java JDK, WebLogic, Oracle Database, Agile application server, Agile File Manager and in most cases, AutoVue. Taking an appropriate amount of care, deliberation and planning before and during the installation can save many frustrating hours of trouble shooting later. Before installing, review the Agile documentation and collect all the needed software in an accessible location. In Windows, run all installs “as administrator” to avoid future issues with permissions.

After the cigar roller completes his work, the cigar is sent to age for some time before being delivered to the consumer. During this time and while being stored by the consumer prior to reaping the enjoyment of the cigar, it must be maintained in prime condition much as an Agile system requires regular maintenance to perform at its best. A cigar needs to be kept at the right humidity to preserve its flavor and burn qualities. An Agile database must be regularly checked using Averify for any anomalies that may cause present or future issues and the log files must be routinely monitored and rotated. Proactive monitoring of the Agile environment will help to identify potential and current risks to the user experience and your data.

A cigar must be handled with respect at all times to maintain the proper humidity and protect the integrity of the cigar, and socigars 2 must any Agile PLM system. Continued maintenance and monitoring of the underlying operating system, the database and the Agile applications is crucial to providing your customers with a reliable and enjoyable experience. Regular maintenance is the key to maintaining the proper environment for your Agile users. Oracle provides the Averify tool to regularly check the database for inconsistencies that may be causing current issues or portend future issues. However, database consistency is just one aspect of the system. The less known and little used ACollect tool from Oracle provides an in-depth look at the current system and the most important operational parameters. ACollect can be easily automated and the output mailed to system administrators for review. ACollect is also a powerful diagnostic tool for understanding what is happening inside an Agile environment.


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