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Zero Wait-State Now Offering Vulnerability Assessment Services for Oracle Agile PLM

New certification adds security assessments for Oracle Agile PLM systems to Zero
Wait-State’s services portfolio

AUSTIN, Texas, May 31, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Zero Wait-State (ZWS) today announced Bob McDuffee, System Engineer, has achieved certification as a Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) from the International Council of E-Commerce Consultants (EC-Council). The EC-Council is one of the world’s largest cyber security technical certification bodies and is ANSI 17024 accredited. Mr. McDuffee’s certification provides a critical vulnerability assessment offering to the company’s Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) services portfolio.

The EC-Council defines a Certified Ethical Hacker as “a skilled professional who understands and knows how to look for weaknesses and vulnerabilities in target systems and uses the same knowledge and tools as a malicious hacker, but in a lawful and legitimate manner to assess the security posture of a target system(s). The CEH credential certifies individuals in the specific network security discipline of Ethical Hacking from a vendor-neutral perspective.”

Steve Porter, CEO of Zero Wait-State, commented, “This certification highlights our commitment to protect our customers’ information and to share our expertise with our clients.  ZWS can provide a broad and deep level of expertise around the systems companies use to vault valuable product data.  It is critical when companies choose partners that they can offer this level of expertise.”

Bob McDuffee, System Engineer at Zero Wait-State, added, “Security has become a critical component of all systems and networks. ZWS is committed to maintaining the highest standards of in-house and client security. This certification formalizes our security efforts and brings not only the necessary tools and techniques needed in today’s hacker-prone environment, but affords a differentiating level of credibility to our security practice that is not available from our competitors.”

Mr. McDuffee is currently responsible for implementation, maintenance, and troubleshooting Oracle Agile PLM systems at ZWS. With this new certification, he will also be providing Security Assessment Services for Oracle Agile PLM systems.

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Zero Wait-State (ZWS) is an industry-leading strategic partner that helps businesses develop and sustain an effective product lifecycle management (PLM) approach. Its exclusive line of PLM products and expert consulting services provide extensive, proven capabilities for implementation, integration, and data migration; backed by ZWS’ unique Outcomes-Based Methodology and TeamState Approach. Zero Wait-State solutions help companies better integrate their design data into their product development and supply chain operations — accelerating innovation, driving revenue growth, and reducing new product introduction (NPI) costs. Zero Wait-State specializes in solutions for companies in the high-tech, medical device, consumer goods, aerospace & defense, and industrial industries. For more information, visit



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