Managed Services and Wellness Check


It is critical that companies maintain a healthy PLM environment which means that organizations need to exercise healthy PLM choices. Zero Wait-State has developed a Managed Services and Wellness Check program to respond to the needs of our clients and help them follow a PLM "fitness" plan. As PLM experts, ZWS offers a proven methodology for Agile PLM maintenance, minimizing downtime for production as we provide an inherent level of security and consistency for your business.

The Wellness Check

Zero Wait-State schedules and performs a health check of the customer’s Agile PLM environment utilizing a variety of tools and methods collected from extensive interactions with Agile support and the vast experience of our technical staff.

This activity ensures the health of the customer’s Agile PLM system, and includes a comprehensive report with recommendations to help ensure the continued operation and functionality of the customer’s Agile PLM system.



The Maintenance Setup

ZWS will work with our client’s IT organization to configure appropriate access to Agile PLM to deliver the services.



Our Issue Management and Support

Zero Wait-State will respond to issues and will work with the client to determine possible solutions. As PLM experts, ZWS is devoted to minimizing response times and commit to responding to reported issues within 24 hours.



Our Disaster Recovery Plan

A disaster recovery (DR) plan will be developed to ensure a quick rollback to the production environment. The DR plan will be documented and reviewed with the customer.



Our Regularly Scheduled Routine Maintenance Activities

The following activities will be performed on a monthly basis, and are generally conducted outside of normal business hours to minimize disruption to client’s production environment.

  • Rebuild Agile Indexes and reorganize database by performing Agile database export, recreate Agile schema and import the database
  • Run Averify
  • Check disc space on application server, FileManager Agile Vault and database server
  • Agile file log clean-up
  • Run Acollect
  • Provide monthly report of system status based on above reporting tools.