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Webinar: Agile Isn't Going Anywhere. Now What?

The aging technology in Agile PLM has become a significant drawback for users, hindering integrations, automations, reporting and usability. With poor capabilities in all of the areas, product lifecycles slow and productivity declines.

Agile is an established, robust PLM solution that has been a fundamental element of the product development landscape for customers in the high tech, medical device, industrial device and consumer goods industries for more than two decades.

But there's a catch for Agile customers: Agile's maker has announced the product's end of life date—scheduled for only a few years from now—and then rescinded that announcement, stating they'll support the product for a few years longer. (And exactly how much R&D investment do you think they're making in new features and functionality enhancements? Right. Zero.)

Your company may start looking to cloud-based PLM options, but what we've been told by customers who tried to make the Big Leap to cloud PLM is that those options are far from ready for prime time, lacking breadth of functionality, performance capabilities and more.

So Agile customers find themselves facing a dilemma. Cloud PLM isn't ready for full-fledged migrations yet, but Agile's aging technology hampers product development efforts by stymieing the automations, integrations, reporting and usability that teams need to execute development more quickly, accurately and efficiently.

We tackle all of these issues head-on and present workable solutions in our webinar, "Agile Isn't Going Anywhere. Now What?" Fill out the form below and we'll guide you to the recording. Sit back, watch, and enjoy!


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