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Live Webinar: Moving Design to the Cloud with CAD and PLM

This webinar was conducted on March 2, 2017

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In this webinar, Moving Design to the Cloud with CAD and PLM, experts in PLM and CAD will show you how the cloud is disrupting the status quo of design and product management, finally bringing these workhorse solutions into the modern world. And it's all fueled with
our newest product, CloudState

What happens when 3D CAD moves to the cloud and combines with a new breed of cloud
PLM software? 
Everyone is empowered to design and launch great products!

Date & Time: Thursday, March 2nd, 1:00PM CST

Key Learnings:
  How agile design teams can increase customer transparency
  Improving product quality with collaboration throughout the product lifecycle
  Accelerating time to revenue with faster response to customer feedback and
     product issues

     Dries D'hooghe, Vice President of Products & Services, Zero Wait-State
    Miguel Tam, VP of Marketing, PropelPLM
•     Joe Dunne, Director of Developer Relations, Onshape

Supercharge your plm!

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