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Request Recording: Expedite the PLM Compliance Data Validation and Collection Process

This webinar was conducted on November 17th 2016

The data collection requirements and validations for environmental and compliance information change constantly, and with little warning. Since accountability extends throughout your supply chain, how do you keep your data requirements and validation criteria current with such volatility?

Hosted by Zero Wait-State and lead by our PLM compliance expert, Dries D’hooghe, this
60-minute webinar,  "Expedite the Compliance Data Validation and Collection Process,"
will cover validating and loading compliance and environmental information into Oracle Agile’s PLM to ensure your products are compliant with RoHS, REACH, Conflict Minerals
and other regulations.

LoadState, one of the software products in ZWS' PLM Automation Suite, dramatically improves compliance data loading productivity and accuracy by allowing business users
to manage updates to the collection and validation criteria themselves without having
to wait weeks or months for IT to initiate a project to make the necessary changes. Thus, LoadState not only protects your PLM investment but also your accountability over time.

In this webinar, you will learn how LoadState: 
• Allows a single user to replace the cumbersome Agile import interface with a drag and

   drop single action
• Empowers business users to adjust mappings, validations and templates based on your
   company’s compliance requirements
• Ensures data imported into Agile satisfies your data collection policy while rejecting
   incomplete declarations

• Dries D'hooghe, VP Products & Services, ZWS
• Barry Easter, Director of Project Management, ZWS

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