Engineering Collaboration with PLM Webinar Series


This webinar series will discuss the need to integrate your engineering team with the rest of the enterprise through PLM, provide different options for doing so, and delve into customer case studies to help find the right path for you!



Part One

Wake up your PLM: Managing Engineering Data with PLM

Part one of our Engineering Collaboration with PLM webinar series will highlight the problems inherent in a lack of integration of your design data with the enterprise.

  1. Why should companies integrate their engineering data with their PLM?
  2. What are the challenges companies face while integrating?
  3. What are the different options in tackling your integration?


You should attend this webinar if: You want to understand why bridging the gap between engineering and the enterprise is important.

This webinar took place July 15th, 2015


Part Two

Wake up your PLM with Engineering Collaboration and DesignState

Part two of our Engineering Collaboration with PLM webinar series will dive into the specifics of Engineering Collaboration and DesignState and how data is easily accessible and compatible for both engineers and the rest of the enterprise as a whole.
  1. Highlight tools designed to integrate data with the enterprise
  2. Engineering Collaboration Demo
  3. DesignState Demo


You should attend this webinar if: You are trying to decide which path to take - a direct integration, or an indirect integration.

This webinar took place on August 26th, 2015


Part Three

In-depth Discussion on Solutions that Meet Customer Needs

Part three of our Engineering Collaboration with PLM webinar series we will dive deeper into the solutions in the previous webinar, and answer the question which is best for me, EC or DesignState?

  1. Customer solution to their engineering collaboration problem highlighting challenges they faced and benefits achieved. The customer attending the webinar will be revealed closer to the event.
  2. Best practices for Engineering Collaboration
  3. Q&A with Customer and EC team


You should attend this webinar if: You are looking for real examples of how companies have benefited when they integrated their engineering team with the rest of the enterprise.

Registration will be available closer to the date of the event.