Compliance in PLM Webinar Series


Part One

Wake Up Your PLM: Compliance in PLM 101 - What you need to know.

Part one of the compliance webinar series will be tailored to Agile's PG&C module and how it can suited for your compliance needs. The topics of discussion are as followed:

  1. ​Overview of PG&C
  2. Reasons for choosing Agile for Compliance
  3. Demo of PG&C versatility


Part Two

Wake up your Compliance with Automation

Part two of the compliance webinar series will be about customizing your solution to meet your specific needs in compliance. This will include the use of process extension and data import tools that assist with bringing all your compliance information into the Agile system.

  1. ​Pros and Cons of part research vendors and working directly with vendors
  2. LoadState demo
  3. Highlight useful process extensions


Part Three

In-depth Discussion on the Ever Changing Regulatory Environment for Product Development

Part three of the compliance webinar series outlines the implementation strategy we use to address your compliance challenges and the benefits you'll gain with having this solution in place. In addition, we will discuss the future of existing regulations as well as possible new regulations on the horizon.

  1. ​The ZWS approach to compliance implementations
  2. Understanding Sub-Zero Wolf's compliance challenges - presented by Miah Finley, Business Systems Analyst and Krupal Patel, Compliance Engineer at Sub-Zero Wolf
  3. Future of Conflict Minerals, ROHS and Reach
  4. Upcoming compliance initiatives