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Product Lifecycle Management technology is constantly changing.

How do you keep up?

What happens when your on-prem solutions need to move to the cloud?

How do you scale your PLM system as your company grows?

How do you tailor your PLM system to meet your company's specific needs?

Answering these questions is why ZWS University was born.


We’ve heard from customers there exists a gap in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) training:

  • • "So much time passed between the initial PLM implementation training class and actual go-live date that we need a refresher.”
  • • “As a super-user admin I was trained early on, but we didn’t have true end-user training and now I'm the only one who understands how our PLM system works.”
  • • “Nothing is available for new hires.”
Here at Zero Wait-State, we want our customers (and potential customers) armed for success before, during and after they invest in PLM. ZWS University's mission is to provide technical PLM curriculum spanning introductory to expert level content. We understand that learners have different styles of absorbing information and thus offer virtual, in-person, and on-demand training classes. 

On-demand training

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Upcoming class

   FreeMarker, a Template Engine   

Learn how to create dynamic content from your PLM system using FreeMarker directives, common built-ins, and logical operators

• What is FreeMarker?

• Apache FreeMarker is a template engine: a Java library to generate text output (HTML web pages, e-mails, configuration files, source code, etc.) based on templates and changing data

• Templates are written in the FreeMarker Template Language (FTL), which is a simple, specialized language (not a full-blown programming language like PHP)

• Being a general-purpose template engine, it has no dependency on servlets or HTTP or HTML, and so it's often used for generating source code, configuration files or e-mails

Contact one of our instructors to discuss custom training for your company:



Dries D'hooghe, VP Training, Products & Services,
Dries has over 15 years of experience in SCM and PLM in the consumer packaged goods, process,medical device, and electronics industries.  He has held several positions in sales, business consulting, product management, and product marketing at companies such as IBM, Agile Software and Oracle, both in the US and Europe. Read more about Dries' experience here.



Matt Hopkins, Developer,
Matt has over 20 years experience and brings a wealth of coding knowledge to Zero Wait-State. He has worked as a senior engineer, architect and developer at many notable corporations such as McAfee, Cisco and GlaxoSmithKline. Matt is an experienced team lead providing expertise in a wide variety of technologies.  Read more about Matt's experience here.