Is Cloud-Based PLM Ready for You to Make the Move? A Video

A lot of customers are asking us if it's time to make the switch to a cloud-based PLM system. Often there's pressure from senior management to make the move to the cloud, and the literature is definitely full of the praises of cloud-based technology. But before making the leap, it's smart to ask if cloud-based PLM systems are robust enough to handle everything a product development organization needs. Is the performance there to satisfy your organization? Is the breadth of features and functionality in place? Anybody who has lived through a tough technology transition knows that it's smart to evaluate all of these factors and more before making the jump—especially when something as critical as your company's intellectual property is concerned.

We think the PLM market is at a critical juncture, and we believe that the entire debate over mature, on-premise PLM vs. state-of-the-art, cloud-based PLM is a bit of a red herring. There is a third option. Listen to Zero Wait-State CEO Steve Porter as he discusses the state of the market and that third very viable option for organizations that want to get to the cloud while taking a moderate and safe approach. Watch our video here, and don't forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel at the end.

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