agile upgrades


Which path is right for you and your organization?

After you have investigated the new release and the benefits for your organization, most companies have a choice to make: “Should we do it ourselves (DIY) or have a qualified Agile partner perform the upgrade?

At ZWS, we believe you should have a choice and a partner willing to offer a DIY assistance option as well as a full service option.

ZWS-agile-shop DIY Option

If you have successfully completed an upgrade before and have the time and resources again, you can certainly use the Agile documentation and upgrade your environments to the latest Release. However, if you would like some guidance/insurance during the DIY upgrade, ZWS can provide our upgrade cookbook plus services to check your approach and be on-call for support during the production upgrade. (Typically a weekend effort)

ZWS-agile-shop Full Service Option

If you are unfamiliar with the Agile upgrade process or don’t have the resources, we will perform a full service upgrade to all your Agile environments.