Location: Parsippany, NJ
Industry: Medical Device
Website: www.zoetis.com
Service: Data Migration and CloudState


the challenge

Zoetis had difficulty implementing past PLM systems.

Without a successful PLM system in place the company relied on manual workarounds that often impacted visibility and resulted in errors, delays and quality outcomes.

Zoetis also had large data files for its parts, but the files weren’t coherent and contained multiple types of data and differing fields.


zws solution

Zoetis was unwilling to give up on finding a PLM system and with the help of ZWS, the company implemented Propel PLM.

Using CloudState, ZWS integrated Zoetis’ existing PDMPro system to its new PLM system.

ZWS’s data migration expertise normalized the varying fields of data in Zoetis’ different parts, including hundreds of fields relevant to the company’s product information, and automatically uploaded the data to the new PLM system.


the benefits

Zoetis now has all the benefits of a modern PLM system.

Its PLM system allows for flexibility and scalability as the company grows and increases system adoption.

With a new bidirectional integration between its PDM and PLM systems, information can be kept current by pushing data from the engineering PDM system to PLM as changes are needed, thus minimizing errors and streamlining information flow.