zebra customer story


Zebra Technologies

Location: Lincolnshire, IL
Industry: High Tech
Website: www.zebra.com
Service: Integration


the challenge

Zebra’s mechanical teams were migrating their CAD management from EC to Windchill. They needed to enhance their productivity during the process of moving files from Windchill to Agile to provide structure and best practices. As the control of designs was moved from EC to Windchill, there was a need to restrict the Design data in Agile from being modified, and enabling design ownership in Windchill.


zws solution

A DesignState integration was implemented to assist Zebra engineers in both managing the flow of design information between Windchill and Agile (to include BOM, attachment, metadata, and change management) as well as allowing Agile Design data to be obsoleted. Metadata moved from EC into Windchill allowing Windchill ownership of designs.


the benefits

A standard and seamless integration enables engineers to manage the information flow between Agile and Windchill without hiccups. The process is streamlined as engineers can initiate the process from whichever system makes more sense (i.e. pushing parts onto change is initiated from Windchill where appropriate).