Location: Burr Ridge, IL
Industry: Industrial
Website: www.weil-mclain.com
Service: Integration, Data Migration Services and CloudState


the challenge

Weil-McClain had multiple product groups with numerous systems for CAD, PDM, ERP, and other systems. However, the company lacked a PLM system.

There was no data visibility that might have allowed parts reuse among product groups.

Product changes were difficult to manage and often involved manual processes that resulted in bottlenecks, potential errors and waste.


zws solution

ZWS helped Weil-McLain settle on Propel PLM as its best path forward.

ZWS CloudState was used to provide bidirectional integration between Weil-McClain’s multiple CAD systems and Propel PLM.

ZWS data migration expertise helped to normalize data from Weil-McLain’s CAD, PDM and ERP systems and automatically populate the appropriate PLM records and fields.


the benefits

Weil-McClain can retain the different CAD systems that various engineering groups use and are familiar with.

The company has much-improved visibility into its product data allowing it to streamline product definition and changes, and to improve parts reuse across differing products and groups.

Working from a single system, manual data entry and related errors are eliminated.