UCAP Power

Location: San Diego, CA
Industry: Industrial
Website: www.ucappower.com
Service: Engineering Collaboration Integration 

the challenge.

UCAP Power (formerly Maxwell Technologies) needed to integrate PDM vaulting for CAD designs using Engineering Collaboration to an engineering and design team who only had experience with local and network shared storage of design files. We worked with engineers and the Agile administration team to develop a configuration for EC that augmented and supported the needs of the team. Capturing the required outcomes accelerated acceptance of the new tools and vaulting in Agile.

As in many companies, there are a variety of Custom Properties in CAD files from different dates and through merger and acquisition.  UCAP Power needed to develop processes and tools to assist in the preparation and the ad hoc migration of existing design files from local drives and network shared drives into Agile; thus linking to existing Part records in Agile. In addition, they needed to implement better access control and security management for Agile PLM. Roles and Privileges that were designed and deployed presented serious challenges in maintaining and managing user accounts. Along with this challenge was the need to track and disposition quality defects and non-conformances to improve overall product quality.

zws solution.

The Zero Wait-State team setup and configured Engineering Collaboration 3.3 for SolidWorks to work in harmony with the processes and needs of the team. We introduced SolidWorks Property Tab templates to easily update historic CAD files to have consistent Custom Properties and ensure proper mapping to existing Item Records in Agile for ad hoc migration. SolidWorks Part and Assembly templates were updated to reflect the processes and practices across the team.  These new templates were then used to enable new SolidWorks design models to be started in Agile Create window for full integration with PLM from their inception. Solution Pack PX was configured and enabled synchronized attribute values, such as Descriptions, to automatically update from Item and Change Order records to the Design Folder and subsequently into SolidWorks Custom Properties.


the benefits.

With the help of ZWS, Maxwell was able to have a Central PDM vaulting for CAD files which resulted in reliable backups. In addition, Version and Revision history and control linked with their PLM change process. This empowered collaboration throughout the business process with access to PDF and 3D neutral files available to other teams without having to request these viewable files from the design team. It also simplified updating CAD files to enable ad hoc migration into Agile which improved consistency in CAD file Custom Attributes.  The new templates that ZWS created enabled Agile start parts and ensured all users are leveraging the latest templates for new design files. With the Solution Pack PX the Revision controlled attributes updated automatically from Agile Change Order or Part record attribute edits to the Design Folder in Agile. Mappings from Agile to CAD enable these attribute edits to update the Custom Properties in SolidWorks.