Trend Micro

Location: Dallas, TX
Industry: High Tech
Service: Support Services


the challenge

With no IT support for its Agile PLM system, Trend Micro relied on a single component engineer to maintain the system.

The company needed someone with the expertise to make sure its PLM system was always available and ran smoothly. That included checking logs and verifying scripts to maintain the health of their database, updating security packs, resolving the errors they couldn’t settle without help, and keeping their system up and running effectively.


zws solution

Trend Micro engaged with ZWS to provide the PLM system management, maintenance and oversight they required.

In case their PLM system goes down, Trend Micro reaches out to ZWS to look into the issue, resolve it and get the system back up and running.

ZWS logs in and checks system logs, security packs, and clears system errors.


the benefits

Trend Micro has the clean PLM system its software and hardware groups require to keep the company competitive.

The company relies on ZWS to keep the company’s PLM system productive and efficient.

Since ZWS’ involvement, there have been no major system issues.