sub-zero wolf customer story


Sub-Zero Wolf

Location: Madison, WI
Industry: Consumer Goods
Service: Integration


the challenge

Sub-Zero Wolf had developed a process for retrieving compliance information from suppliers that relied on spreadsheets, shared drives and non-standardized document formats. The process was time consuming, which resulted in information silos, and required manual entry of compliance status into their ERP system. They needed to find a better way to collect supplier information, and a solution that would tie a part’s compliance status and evidence documents together.


zws solution

Since they were in the process of implementing Agile PLM, they decided that the Agile Product Governance & Compliance module would be a good fit for their particular need, and they worked with Zero Wait-State to configure the module. With the help of LoadState, they were able to automate the process of importing, validating and assessing compliance forms and regulatory documents in Agile. In addition, they were able to make their Compliance process less painful and more efficient.


the benefits

With the increased efficiency in their compliance efforts, Sub-Zero Wolf was able to focus on other initiatives and priorities. The true benefit was that they did not have to completely revolutionize their compliance process and suppliers were still able to provide information in a familiar fashion.

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