Location: New York, NY
Industry: Consumer Goods
Service: Support Services


the challenge

The nature of Revlon’s business means the company uses Agile PLM essentially as a project management tool to track product releases and formulas.

The Revlon team couldn’t keep product configurations up-to-date. The company’s PLM environment was heavily reliant on customizations, but they had none of the source code for those customizations. They were plagued by system errors.


zws solution

The ZWS team decompiled all the existing customizations to Revlon’s Agile system and created a comprehensive project and build system.

A Java integrated development environment was configured on Revlon’s Agile server to allow maintenance of their customizations.

ZWS trained Revlon’s project manager to maintain those customizations and deploy them to Agile to keep them current.


the benefits

Now the Revlon team can respond much more rapidly to user requests and needs. Also, the company can address and debug issues quickly.

Users are more highly engaged with the system because it is more responsive to their needs and less error prone. As a result, productivity has increased.