raytheon customer story



Location: Waltham, MA
Industry: Aerospace
Website: www.raytheon.com
Service: Data Migration


the challenge

Raytheon was embarking on one of the largest data migration projects in the history of modern engineering. They needed to consolidate several business units’ platforms for engineering data management into an enterprise solution that would allow for company wide collaboration. On top of this, any amount of engineering data freeze would be unacceptable. And they needed a partner that could work with an evolving deadline window. It's well known that moving targets are the hardest ones to hit.


zws solution

The software vendor for their enterprise data management solution couldn’t guarantee that they could do the migration in a timely manner without freezing Raytheon's data for an extended period of time. But ZWS could. Utilizing our proprietary migration technology and methodology, we were able to migrate the data on time, hit the deadline on the bull's eye and shrink the freeze out time frame to an acceptable window. A slam dunk and a jewel in our crown of accomplishments.


the benefits

Considering the gargantuan scope of the data migration project, and the myriad requirements, there was a risk of disruption and the possibility of data quality issues. Using ZWS, Raytheon experienced no disruptions while the migration took place and retained their data integrity.