ProNova Customer Story


ProNova Solutions

Location: Maryville, TN
Industry: Medical
Service: Agile PLM and Engineering Collaboration Implementation


the challenge

ProNova needed to implement Agile PLM and integrate Engineering Collaboration to manage the development of an innovative proton therapy suite, using cryogenic magnets. However, they are a small start up with a limited budget and needed to find a solution that was in-line their their budgetary needs.


zws solution

The ZWS team worked side by side with ProNova to come up with the best solution for them that catered to their financial restrictions. ZWS coordinated the PC and EC implementation in a short timeframe at a low cost that fit with ProNova's goals.


the benefits

ProNova was able to complete the implementation within weeks and was able to manage their innovative proton therapy suite. With their solution in place they were able to efficiently track and manage each aspect of the project effectively.