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Now it’s easy to personalize the Oracle Agile Product Lifecycle
Management (PLM) user experience with tailored,
modern interfaces that meet specific business requirements.


RestState layers a lightweight application programming interface (API) on top of Oracle’s proprietary, Java-based software development kit (SDK) for Agile PLM. With the RestState API, integration, interface and interaction developers can use the preferred REST (REpresentational State Transfer) architecture style with the Oracle SDK — and enjoy simple, technology-agnostic access to your Agile PLM data. This makes it easy and efficient to develop integrations and create user interfaces
that are customized for key purposes, with more advanced capabilities and a more intuitive user experience. As a result,
RestState helps extend and protect your Agile PLM investment.

You can reference https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Representational_state_transfer to learn more about the REST architecture.


A Day In the Life with RestState

  • No more coding with antiquated, unwieldy Java
  • Extend Agile PLM capabilities using HTML5, .NET, Python, C#, Perl, JavaScript, etc.
  • Change or add attributes as needed without reprogramming every interface
  • Stop searching through extraneous data and logging in/out of different business-critical systems
  • Create virtual private network (VPN) or proxy server access to the Agile PLM system
  • Limit/control access to your entire network and all of your data
  • Seamless data migration in and out of your PLM
  • No re-coding user interfaces when you upgrade your Agile platform

RestState Features

  • Well-known, widely preferred REST architecture style
  • Exposes Agile PLM’s functionality as a hierarchy of resources
  • Enables HTTPS and HTML5 interfaces
  • Full support of all Agile SDK functions

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