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Securely integrate cloud based applications with on premise or cloud based product lifecycle management (PLM) systems or other enterprise apps.


CloudState is a cloud based integration framework for cloud-to-on-premise and cloud-to-cloud applications. CloudState enables cloud based apps to integrate with your on premise or cloud based PLM, or with other enterprise software including ERP systems, eCAD/mCAD systems, PDM systems, advanced reporting systems and more. CloudState protects your investment in your on premise PLM as you carve a path to the cloud. And, once your PLM system is hosted in the cloud, CloudState will continue to provide secure integration to your other enterprise systems, whether they are on premise or cloud based. Example integrations include OnShape (cloud based mCAD) to Oracle Agile PLM (on premise PLM), or PropelPLM (cloud PLM) to SAP ERP. 

A Day In The Life with CloudState:
mCAD to Propel Example

  • • Assign part numbers in Propel to parts and assemblies created in mCAD
  • • Synchronize attributes bi-directionally between Propel and mCAD
  • • Hyperlink corresponding objects between mCAD and Propel for easy navigation
  • • Publish mCAD BOMs to Propel. Create revisions, changes and redlines to update BOMs in Propel
  • • Hyperlink from Propel to the mCAD model and derived files in mCAD system
  • • Create product changes in mCAD and sync in Propel, adding Propel parts as affected items

A Day in the Life with CloudState:
Managing CloudState Setup
mCAD to Propel Example

  • • Map fields between mCAD and Propel
  • • Configure business logic and data transformations

CloudState Features

  • • Integrate best of breed cloud applications with zero install
  • • Integrate cloud based applications in days, not weeks
  • • No hardware required
  • • Secure, firewall friendly


Watch CloudState demo: SolidWorks to Propel cloud PLM

Watch CloudState demo: cloud mCAD to Agile on premise

Watch CloudState demo: cloud mCAD to Propel cloud PLM

Watch CloudState demo: Propel cloud PLM to SolidWorks on premise mCAD


Read the Evergreen Packaging success story. Evergreen migrated
from Agile PLM to Propel PLM, then integrated to SAP with CloudState


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Request a demo by contacting Dries D'hooghe, VP Products and Services