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Now it’s easy and cost-effective to tailor your product lifecycle management (PLM) solution to your desired business outcomes, so your company can get new products to market faster.





AttributeState is a framework for customizing and automating critical steps in your PLM processes — including change control, release to manufacturing, and new product introduction. It's installed as a single jar file in Agile PLM extensions folder and enabled via standard Agile PX and event subsystem using Java client.

Oracle Agile sdk (Java) vs zws (AttributeState) for Parts Subclasses


A Day In the Life with AttributeState

  • • Define and apply plain text rules to your PLM system
  • • Streamline site, plant, or product type enrichment of
       item and BOM data using easily configurable rules
  • • Transform an engineering BOM to a manufacturing
       BOM with the push of a key
  • • Automate the BOM validation process
  • • Ensure data quality by enforcing field entry via policy
  • • Eliminate the need for hard-coded custom process
       extensions (PXs)
  • • Remove the need for manual data entry
  • • No more re-writing PXs when you upgrade your Agile

Enhanced Automation Functionality

  • • Allows Agile attributes to be set automatically using a
       simple template
  • • Spreadsheet-based configuration – from an Agile
  • • Friendly, flexible, well documented template syntax
       for specifying the attribute values
  • • Any related Agile objects and their attributes or table
       rows can be used as the source for attribute values.
       Trace your Agile object graph with any combination of
       tables, including conditional evaluation of the rows
  • •  Attributes can be set on the object that triggered the
       event, or any related object
  • • Lookup lists and tables can be specified in spreadsheet
       columns to make translations a breeze
  • • With advanced configuration, additional actions can be
       taken on target objects (almost anything you can do in
       the UI)
  • • Provides easy setup of reusable functions and macros
       within the configuration spreadsheet


 Key Benefits

  • • Standardize the setting of attribute values for data
  • • Frees users from having to remember to clear or set
       specific values when creating or copying objects
  • • Business logic is codified and automatic
  • • Reduces lost time entering values, looking up
       standards, communicating and fixing inconsistent
       data, and acting on incorrect information
  • • Centralized configuration: Many attributes can be
       defined with a single configuration spreadsheet which
       is stored in Agile
  • • Configuration updates and additions that once
       required a DBA or system administrator can now be
       performed by a business analyst
  • • Configuration is change controlled in Agile and easy to
       match with your system migration policies
  • • Reduces effort & cost of subsequent customizations
  • • When upgrading to a new version of Agile, you only
       need to replace a single JAR file (and even this is not
       always required)


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