Powell Customer Story


Powell Industries

Location: Houston, TX
Industry: Industrial
Website: www.powellind.com
Service: Integration

the challenge.

Powell Industries needed to install and configure Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Process Integration Pack (PIP) in an environment that already had its challenges. They wanted Sites to be added to both Agile and Oracle EBS with numerous customer site-specific attributes and catalog customizations.Powell also wanted to upgrade from to 9.3.2 to take advantage of the enhancements.

In addition, Powell wanted to integrate between their data management systems. Powell built a set of self-made tools to manage their engineering data and merge it into the back office systems. The tools were effective but aging and complex to maintain. Additionally, the CAD data was not well managed and it was a desire of Powell’s to bring in a PDM system to manage the CAD data and an industry-standard method to integrate with PLM.


the solution.

ZWS installed, configured and deployed SOA and PIP to integrate items, Manufacturer and BOM records from Agile to EBS. ZWS deployed custom process extensions triggered from workflow events to automatically update global and site-specific attributes based on defined criteria. ZWS solution included an error handling framework that allowed the client to handle errors in a more effective and efficient manner.

DesignState was selected to bridge the gap between Agile PLM and the chosen PDM tool, Autodesk Vault.  ZWS implemented DesignState and a set of configuration policies were defined to bring design data effectively into Agile PLM.


the benefits.

Powell now has fully integrated Agile PLM into their Oracle EBS environment allowing them to seamlessly push items and BOMs to remote sites around the world. Engineers and Designers work in a user-friendly Agile environment and Item records they create are automatically pushed to their ERP and used across the world.

With the help of DesignState, Powell is now able to connect their Design Data to the enterprise ensuring that errors are minimized through the effective framework.