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Welcome to the PLM News Roundup May 21, 2018

May 21, 2018 By: Amy Fenwick

New Product Releases Impacting Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Propel Introduces Enterprise-Ready PLM That Helps Scale Tomorrow's Brand Leaders
ZWS Propel PLM Innovators EditionPropel today announced the Propel Innovator’s Edition, the only Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software offering that provides innovative businesses the robust enterprise PLM capabilities that they want and with simpler configuration for their immediate needs. For just $1500 per month for 10 users, customers can use the core PLM features they need, including bill of materials (BOM) management, manufacturing data, graphical redlines and change management. The Innovator’s Edition also offers a quick start implementation that gets users up and running in just one week…

Specification Management and Compliance in Propel’s 2018 PLM Release
Propel, of Santa Clara, Calif., which makes product lifecycle management software, has introduced two new solutions in its most recent 2018 release intended to help companies improve product compliance and deepen customer trust. They are a specification management and compliance solution and a training records management solution. All Propel customers get these capabilities as part of their standard Propel license…

PLM Events 

Virtual Conference: The Future of CAD: Emerging Trends in Product Design
May 22 2018 | 9:00AM - 12:00PM ET

ZWS PTC Future of CAD Virtual Event

Are you keeping up with the latest in product design technologies? Now you can. Register today for The Future of CAD: Emerging Trends in Product Design, a virtual event on May 22nd at 9:00AM ET. You’ll hear PTC’s industry experts tell you how these technologies are being used today. And what to expect in the future. Let our team give you the inside track so you stay ahead of the latest advances in product design and manufacturing. Put on your headset, relax, and learn from those on the front lines.Industry experts will lead sessions on:

  • •  MBD: Making Better 2D Definitions
    •  Augmenting Your Product Design Reality
    •  Why Smart Connected Product Design Matters
    •  Manufacturing Consensus: Additive Manufacturing Tools & Techniques
    •  Making Simulation a Reality
    •  Engineering Calculations: A Prime Concern


Educational Webinar: PLM at the Core of Analytics-Driven Innovation
May 24 2018 | 11:00 EDT | 08:00 PDT

Join CIMdata for this webinar if you want to (1) learn where and how big data analytics are applicable, adjacent to PLM areas to realize innovative insights for creating competitive advantage, and (2) gain an overview of the state-of-the-art of big data analytics applied to product development in different industries.

What will I learn by attending this webinar?
You will gain a high-level understanding of the technology and algorithms that enable big
   data analytics.
You will start to understand the state-of-the-art of analytics/ML/AI in product development
   in a variety of industries.
You will understand CIMdata’s vision for enabling analytics-driven insights at the intersection
   of PLM, ERP, MES, CRM, SLM, and IoT.



LiveWorx provides you with the education and connections you need to help lead change in the age of the digital revolution. Learn from your peers on how to embrace the strategic business transformations that new digital technologies make possible. Walk away, knowing how to build a portfolio of capabilities that are uniquely suited to your business needs. Register HERE.



Webinar On-Demand: Agile PLM Security Best Practices

Presenter Bob McDuffee, Certified Ethical Hacker and System Engineer for Zero Wait-State, has more than 30 years of industry experience. By watching this webinar, you will learn security basics as they apply to Agile PLM, see Admin techniques to improve the security of your Agile PLM, and gain an understanding of security patches for Agile PLM and WebLogic.



Request Recording

Training On-Demand:  Keeping Oracle Agile PLM Relevant While Carving a Path to the Cloud

Building on our last webinar hosted by Dries D’hooghe, this 60-minute training class will teach you how to keep Oracle Agile PLM relevant in a cloud ecosphere. By attending, you will gain a deeper understanding of how to extend the life of your Agile PLM investment by making it work for your specific company needs, all the while planning your path to the cloud.




Request Webinar On-Demand:  PLM Built for YOU: UNLOCK the True Value of Agile PLM

This 60-minute webinar will demonstrate how automation and customization frameworks from Zero Wait-State unlock the true value of Oracle's Agile PLM system. Did you know you can tailor Agile PLM to meet your specific business needs without needing hard-coded, one-off Process Extensions? Attend this webinar to gain an understanding of what "customizations done the right way" are, and, find out how to extend the life of your Agile PLM investment by making it work for YOU.


Watch now!

Webinar On-Demand: Planting Seeds: Teleflex Agile PLM Plant Specific BOM Customization via Automation

Featuring Teleflex, a medical device manufacturer, and hosted by Zero Wait-State, this webinar will demonstrate how Teleflex was able to fully enable plant-specific bills of materials (BOMs) by leveraging Zero Wait-State’s PLM Automation Software Suite in 10 weeksThis automation supported Teleflex's cost savings objectives of nearly a million dollars a month.


Watch Now

Webinar On-Demand: Smashing Through the Wall: the Barriers Between Design and PLM

Featuring Cisco and hosted by us and Perception Software, this 45-minute webinar will highlight the "wall" between Design and PLM, the impact of this wall, and solutions to smash through it. Anthony Burton, Tech Lead at Cisco Systems, will share his challenges with this wall and how he built a bridge to connect Design and PLM.




Request DocState Webinar On DemandWebinar On-Demand: Revolutionize Your PLM Reports By Taking Control of the Design

Hosted by Zero Wait-State, this 60-minute webinar will demonstrate how simple and cost-effective it can be to unlock and share the power of your Oracle® Agile PLM data in a format that meets your specific company's document requirements using DocState, one of the software products in ZWS' PLM Automation Suite. DocState can also extract relevant Agile PLM data, use a report template to transform it into a format such as CSV or XML, push it into another business system and later perform the reverse
actions to pull data updates back into Agile PLM.


Register for LoadState Webinar On-DemandWebinar On-Demand: Expedite the Compliance Data Validation and Collection Process

Hosted by Zero Wait-State and lead by our PLM compliance expert, Dries D’hooghe, this 60-minute webinar will cover validating and loading compliance and environmental information into Oracle Agile’s PLM to ensure your products are compliant with RoHS, REACH, Conflict Minerals. LoadState, one of the software products in ZWS' PLM Automation Suite, dramatically improves compliance data loading productivity and accuracy by allowing business users to manage updates to the collection and validation criteria themselves without having to wait weeks or months for IT to initiate a project to make the necessary changes. Thus, LoadState not only protects your PLM investment but also your accountability over time. 


Webinar On-Demand: Seamlessly Connect CAD  Request DesignState Webinar On-DemandSystems with Enterprise PLM and Maximize NPD Data Value

Hosted by Zero Wait-State, this 60-minute webinar will demonstrate how you can easily implement a flexible and cost-effective integration framework that connects CAD Data Management systems with enterprise PLM systems using DesignState, one of the software products in ZWS' PLM Automation Suite. DesignState works with Oracle’s Agile PLM, PTC Windchill’s PDMLink, and Dassault’s SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional. The powerful XML-based rules engine increases customization opportunities and sophistication. Seamless bidirectional integration between PDM and PLM improves everyone’s productivity. 

Register for RestState Webinar On-DemandWebinar On-Demand: Personalize the PLM Experience Through Secure, Modern Interfaces and UIs

Hosted by Zero Wait-State, this 60-minute webinar will demonstrate how you can easily and efficiently develop integrations and create user interfaces that are customized for key purposes using RestState, one of the software products in our Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Automation Suite. As a result, RestState helps increase NPD productivity and extend and protect your Agile PLM investment. And, you will have simple, technology-agnostic access to your Agile PLM data.


Request AttributeState Webinar On-DemandWebinar On-Demand: Increase NPD Productivity by Automating & Customizing Your PLM Processes

Hosted by Zero Wait-State, this 60-minute webinar will demonstrate how you can customize your Oracle Agile PLM system to automate Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) processes using AttributeState, one of the software products in ZWS's PLM Automation Suite. Based on configurable templates with embedded business logic and plug-and-play macros, AttributeState allows you to tailor your Agile PLM system to your unique business needs, without developing hard-coded Java based extensions. 

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