MKS Customer Story


MKS Instruments

Location: Andover, MA
Industry: High Tech
Service: Implementation, Data Migration and Integration


the challenge

A division of a company that was using Agile PLM and Oracle ERP was acquired by MKS, however, neither Agile PLM system nor the database was included in the acquisition. MKS had not implemented Agile PLM for Product Collaboration, but was a goal for long term PLM. The configuration and dataset for the Agile PLM solution would have to be re-engineered without direct access to the source Agile system and data from the acquisition. In addition, included in the source data was Design Data for Agile EC. Another division within MKS also needed access to the acquisition data as they were being merged with the transfer.


zws solution

ZWS helped guide MKS through their implementation and re-engineering of their Agile solution. In addition we helped MKS with their data migration and integration. The first phase included the core Agile implementation, MCAD EC for Solidworks 2012, and an integration with EBS. The Agile solution included building a compatible, but redefined configuration, and a data migration using pieces of information provided by the company from whom the division was acquired. The integration with EBS was co-developed with MKS IT using Informatic. Furthermore, ZWS migration another internal division at MKS into Agile.


the benefits

Through the data migration and integration with Agile PLM, allowed MKS to continue operations and enabled merged data to work together in a single solution. The Agile PLM solution also integrated with Oracle EBS with new tools to mitigate data transfer error handling.