MiaSolé Customer Story


Location: Santa Clara, CA
Industry: High Tech
Website: www.miasole.com
Service: Implementation


the challenge

MiaSole had SolidWorks 2009 and EC 2.5.1 with Agile.  When they were looking to upgrade to a newer version of SolidWorks the process was impeded by the limitations of EC 2.5.1.  The challenges faced included setup and configuration of Engineering Collaboration 3.2 and SolidWorks 2013 and configuration to support as needed "migration" from EC 2.5 DocuBOM to EC 3.2 Design Structure.  There was also the problem of inconsistency in Custom Properties of legacy CAD data.

zws solution

With experience in design and manufacturing processes as well as testing and experimentation with existing systems, ZWS performed a setup and configuration of EC 3.2 to achieve the required outcomes. ZWS developed new roles and privileges configurations to manage access and discovery. ZWS updated SolidWorks Property tabs to support requirements for ad hoc migration needs. The new start parts, for use with Agile Create functionality, simplified new design creation and standardization.


the benefits

With the help of ZWS, support for new versions of SolidWorks and migration of legacy CAD files to and from Agile is enabled.  As a result of the implementation, Mia Sole improved consistency through the use of latest SolidWorks start parts as well as easily creating new designs.