Luminex Customer Story



Location: Austin, TX
Industry: Medical
Service: PG&C Implementation


the challenge

Facing the environmental challenges associated with operating in a global economy, Luminex needed a solution that would enable them to capture and report material compositions for all of their products. Specifically, they needed to track and comply with EU RoHS, EU REACH, Conflict Minerals, and Luminex internal substances that are specifically restricted in medical devices. To achieve this, they needed to implement processes and procedures to allow collaboration with suppliers directly and through a compliance content provider.


zws solution

Zero Wait-State deployed the Product Governance and Compliance (PG&C) module for Luminex’s Agile PLM system, and provided a comprehensive listing of PX automations and a compliance data import tool, named DocPort, to support the RFI interaction with suppliers, the downloading and importing of content provider data from Total Parts Plus, and full regulatory reporting capabilities.


the benefits

Luminex can fulfill the reporting and disclosure requirements for a wide array of compliance standards, and can dramatically reduce their global footprint and exposure to regulatory risks. Internally, they are able to support the entire compliance solution using a very small group of employees.