Location: Cork, Ireland
Industry: High Tech
Website: www.logitech.com
Service: PLM Integration and DesignState


the challenge

Logitech did not have a functional “file release process,” meaning no integration between its Windchill CAD system and Agile PLM system.

The company’s mechanical engineering data was not available for other functions. For example, if a manufacturing partner found an issue with a prototype and corrected the issue, those changes were not updated in the original design files so that knowledge was not available for subsequent designs.

Agile BOM structures weren’t visible to CAD system users.


zws solution

Logitech relied on ZWS experience and expertise to sort through the priorities for its CAD system.

By implementing changes to the configuration and processes in Windchill, ZWS improved the functionality of the CAD system.

ZWS also implemented DesignState to fully integrate the CAD and PLM systems.


the benefits

Logitech’s mechanical engineering group now has improved visibility into data and can easily locate CAD data for design reuse.

Up-to-date product data is available to all Logitech business groups throughout the lifecycle.

Productivity of key groups is greatly improved while errors and avoidable costs are greatly reduced.