lockheed martin customer story


Lockheed Martin

Location: BETHESDA, MD
Industry: Aerospace
Website: http://www.lockheedmartin.com/
Service: Integration

the challenge

Across its various divisions, Lockheed Martin uses various enterprise systems for product definition.  Generally, these are not integrated, but sometimes the need arises for tighter collaboration between business units.  This was the case with the THAAD program, jointly owned by Missiles & Fire Control and Space Systems.

zws solution

Due to our prior experience with Lockheed’s data and existing systems, ZWS was brought in to develop an integration between Windchill and Agile e6 PLM, replacing manual data synchronization.  The integration uses open source components for XML parsing, Oracle staging tables, and native e6 automation methods.


the benefits

By architecting the integration as a three-step process, including distinct extract, transform, and load elements, it is more efficient and reliable than a monolithic solution.  The bulk of the code is also generalized in a way that it could be reused for additional inbound integrations in the future.

Case Study Coming Soon