L3 Harris

Location: Melbourne, FL
Industry: Aerospace
Website: www.L3Harris.com
Service: PLM Integration and DesignState


the challenge

L3 Harris develops products for Space and Military applications. The complexity of the company's product development process was amplified by a lack of integration between its PTC Windchill CAD system and its enterprise Agile PLM system.

The company struggled to manage too many processes in Windchill that would be better managed in Agile.

L3Harris needed help setting up streamlined workflows to automatically move information between its Windchill and Agile PLM systems.


zws solution

ZWS used DesignState to develop best practices for sharing data between Windchill and Agile PLM.  Policy configurations in DesignState were designed to address stringent requirements for data integrity necessitated by the type of products L3 Harris builds.

The solution allows large complex assemblies and meta data to be transmitted into Agile PLM to create Bills of Material and the attribute data needed for configuration management and manufacturing.


the benefits

L3 Harris can rapidly accelerate the product development process by sharing information between Engineering and the rest of the company.

Early access to engineering data ensures rapid, more accurate manufacturing and higher quality products and margins. This automation also ensures accurate information is being entering into the system and kept current.