Instron customer story



Location: Norwood, MA
Industry: Industrial
Service: DesignState


the challenge

Instron found that engineers were spending a lot of time working in their Agile PLM environment to pull part numbers, update bill of materials (BOM) information, and add platform neutral file attachments.  They wished to enhance productivity and improve accuracy of information by automating these tasks through employment of integration solution.


zws solution

DesignState integration software from ZWS links the engineering world of SolidWorks EPDM to Agile PLM, enabling data sharing with the enterprise system.


the benefits

With ZWS’s help, Instron was able to seamlessly integrate their CAD environment and Agile PLM.  This integration provides early visibility of design information and better awareness of manufacturing and change management from engineering, which should improve product quality and design cost and time.