Extend the value of your data throughout the enterprise by integrating
independent business solutions. When your PLM, ERP, CRM and
PDM work in concert, their effective value is magnified.
Manual processes and related errors and delays are eliminated,
product development is quicker and costs are minimized.

ZWS Methodology

  • holistic approach

    Holistic Approach

    Maximize value to the enterprise through considering the entire architecture of the integration.

  • In-House Development

    In-House Development

    We develop our own proprietary tools such as DesignState and custom ACS protocols allowing us to design solutions for our customers that are unique and effective for any business problem.

  • Enterprise Partnerships

    Enterprise Partnerships

    Partnerships with companies like MagicXPI allow us to deliver integrations that are compatible with any environment.

  • Full Service Consultative Configuration Engagement

    Full Service Consultative Configuration Engagement

    We don’t just deliver an integration, we help you discover how best to utilize it, to configure it, and create efficient business processes around it!

  • 5.-ongoing-support-2

    On-Going Compatibility Support

    We offer compatibility support for all of our integration products and services so that you can feel secure that your investment is a long term one.

Solution By Industry

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    Zebra Problem

    Zebra needed to enhance their productivity during the process of moving files from Windchill to Agile to provide structure and best practices.

    ZWS Solution

    A DesignState integration was implemented to assist Zebra engineers in both managing the flow of design information between Windchill and Agile.


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    Lockheed Martin Problem

    Across its various divisions, Lockheed Martin uses various enterprise systems for product definition. They need more collaboration between business units so their was more visibility.

    ZWS Solution

    ZWS was brought in to develop an integration between Windchill and Agile e6 PLM, replacing manual data synchronization.



  • PDM <> PLM
  • PLM <> ERP
  • PLM <> PLM
  • CRM <>PLM

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