A successful implementation begins with collaboration and culminates with full automation
of product lifecycle processes. Disciplines are deployed so that they build on each other
incrementally and assure better results that are closely aligned with business objectives.

ZWS Methodology

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    Enterprise Architecture Approach

    We define and refine the client's operational needs through outcome based scenario reviews.

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    Project Oversight and Project Management

    One of the ways we set ourselves apart from the competition is through the deployment of seasoned Project Managers for each implementation that we embark upon.

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    Full Service Consultative Configuration Engagement

    Our consultants have deployed everything from Engineering Collaboration solutions to PLM Compliance solutions to analytics for PLM. This kind of hands on industry experience from the client side is a critical component of the unique value that ZWS brings to the implementation process

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    Value Added Solutions

    We have Process and Extensions and Software products on hand to help with all aspects of PLM implementation, providing solutions specific to your needs. In addition to this we have a full development team capable of creating solutions as clients discover new requirements.

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    Issue Management

    We utilize the state of the art issues tracking application, Zendesk, to enable clients to quickly and effectively track project issues and communicate with our staff.

Solution By Industry

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    Kaiser Optical Problem

    After completing several earlier Agile PLM implementation efforts, Kaiser Optical had specific technical challenges, outside advice and assistance were required.

    ZWS Solution

    ZWS provided Kaiser Optical with regular access to our Agile PLM implementation specialist, Brian Stone, with both pre-arranged Q&A sessions and ad hoc support via email.


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    Multek Problem

    After acquisition, Multek wanted to improve its infrastructure to handle the impending growth and expansion.

    ZWS Solution

    ZWS assisted the EBS partner in the project with the design and configuration of the integration framework that allowed Multek to transfer product record from Agile PLM to ERP.


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    ESCO Problem

    ESCO’s globally distributed engineering teams were struggling to meet demands for quicker turn-around, while project leads lacked the visibility, tools, and metrics to effectively manage these resources.

    ZWS Solution

    With help from ZWS, ESCO deployed Agile’s PPM module. The focus was on rapid discovery and deployment, initially targeting a small set of pilot projects, representing multiple operating units.


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    AvtechTyee Problem

    They needed to improve cycle time performance for dispositioning products with quality issues during their material review board (MRB) process.

    ZWS Solution

    We were able to streamline their processes and make all product information visible in one system for dispositioning.


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    Consumer Goods

    Motorola Problem

    Motorola maintains a complex engineering environment that requires a vendor specific PDM system but requires integration to enterprise systems.

    ZWS Solution

    DesignState integration software from ZWS ties AgilePLM, to the engineering centric Windchill PDM enabling data sharing with the enterprise system.


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    Consumer Goods

    Multimedia Games Problem

    Multimedia Games had a hard GoLive date that needed to be met and needed to marry their Agile PG&C with their Enterprise System (NAV).

    ZWS Solution

    We redesigned their compliance functionality to match up with the specific needs around the regulatory requirements in the gambling industry allowing them to take advantage of their PLM and Enterprise integration in the process.


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    Consumer Goods

    Sub Zero Wolf Problem

    Sub Zero-Wolf needed to find a better way to collect supplier information around compliance, and a solution that would prevent information fragmentation silos.

    ZWS Solution

    With the help of LoadState, software developed to automate the process of importing compliance spreadsheets and regulatory documents into Agile, they were able to make their Compliance efforts less painful and more efficient.