Data Migration


Choosing the right data migration partner can be the difference between
a long, disruptive migration and a smooth transition from one system to
another. The key to a successful data migration process is a bulletproof
methodology paired with industry experience and cutting edge technology.

ZWS Methodology

  • 1. Project Scoping:

    1. Project Scoping:

    A detailed systems and solution design utilizing lean project management concepts primes a data migration project for success—minimize disruptions to the business and data freeze

  • 2. Issue Management:

    2. Issue Management:

    A process driven model for project schedule and feedback—keep the migration on schedule and diligently retain data

  • 3. Virtualization Technology:

    3. Virtualization Technology:

    VMs allow a quick ramp up of data migration capabilities, and offline data dumps to our VMs leave your environment intact 

  • 4. Streamlined Migration:

    4. Streamlined Migration:

    Customized scripts and utilities expedite extraction, transformation and loading activities

  • 5. Multi-Pass Validation:

    5. Multi-Pass Validation:

    Accuracy is guaranteed through multiple passes that allow more time to validate and cut down on surprises.

  • 6. Small Batch Runs:

    6. Small Batch Runs:

    For environments that require minimized downtime, we have developed a methodology of small batch runs that shrink the final pass and shrink any data.

Solution By Industry

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    Hologic Problem

    As part of a massive acquisition Hologic needed to fully migrate the acquired company’s Product Data and files into their Oracle Agile PLM and EBS systems in just 6 months.

    ZWS Solution

    Small batch runs and our lean project management methodology proved decisive in meeting the deadline and migrating their acquisition’s product data into their environment.


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    Raytheon's Problem

    They needed to consolidate several business units’ platforms for engineering data management into an enterprise solution that would allow for company wide collaboration.

    ZWS Solution

    Utilizing our proprietary migration technology and methodology, we were able to migrate the data on time, hit the deadline on the bull’s eye and shrink the freeze out time frame to an acceptable window.


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    Fives Problem

    Fives had data from multiple sources including ERP and Legacy PLM but lacked a complete product record including BOM and attribute data. This lack of information hindered business operations downstream.

    ZWS Solution

    Using business rules and identifying unique elements in multiple data sources allowed ZWS to collate information into a complete singular record which was used in the new PLM system and supported business outcomes.



  • PLM <> PLM
  • PDM <> PLM
  • ERP <> PLM
  • System Drive Data <> PLM