ESCO customer story



Location: Portland, OR
Industry: Industrial


the challenge

ESCO’s globally distributed engineering teams were struggling to meet demands for quicker turn-around, while project leads lacked the visibility, tools, and metrics to effectively manage these resources.  As a result, engineering backlog had increased.  A new project management solution was needed to replace existing homegrown systems.


zws solution

With help from ZWS, ESCO deployed Agile’s PPM module. The focus was on rapid discovery and deployment, initially targeting a small set of pilot projects, representing multiple operating units.

Defined success criteria, prioritization, and constant feedback were used throughout the project to keep the team focused on specific goals.


the benefits

This engagement model highlights the built-in capabilities and benefits of Agile PPM.  Despite limited time and budget, we were able to achieve the desired outcomes.  Maximizing the immediate benefits to the business while minimizing cost led to a stronger justification for expanded adoption of PPM across the enterprise.