Dell Technologies customer story


Dell Technologies

Location: Round Rock, TX
Industry: High Tech
Service: AttributeState


the challenge

Dell had a very large, complex and heavily customized Agile installation

The proliferation of processes, projects and customizations left the business group heavily reliant on IT, and this meant delays and increased costs.

The goal was to consolidate and centralize all the customizations and decrease reliance on IT for support.


zws solution

Using AttributeState the ZWS team pulled Dell’s various customizations into plain text rules stored in a spreadsheet and held in Dell’s Agile system.

This is done using a higher level language called FreeMarker so the business staff can create, manage and maintain what formerly required customized Java or Groovy code extensions to the Agile system.

With training by ZWS, two users in the business group now support the needs of their business users more quickly than the IT group could.


the benefits

  • Dell’s trained business users now manage customized processes and can create customizations when required. Decreased dependence on IT means faster turnaround times to meet the PLM needs of business users.

    Because the initial project with ZWS went so well, Dell engaged twice more. ZWS DocState enables a complete, two-directional integration between Oracle Enterprise Data Quality (EDQ) and Agile PLM. ZWS RevState is configured to fully automate setting new revision and lifecycle phase when items are added to change orders. With information always up-to-date and accurate, efficiencies are increased and costly errors are minimized.