Daikin Applied

Location: Minneapolis, MN
Industry: Industrial
Website: www.daikinapplied.com
Service: DocState


the challenge

Daikin had a well-established Agile PLM implementation, but the company’s solitary IT staffer was completely overloaded maintaining and debugging all the system’s customizations.

Engineering staff were bogged down in manual processes that resulted in errors and wasted precious time and productivity.


zws solution

Initially Daikin engaged with ZWS on a limited POC (proof of concept) basis to perform several small data extracts, complete some customizations, clear some of IT’s backlog and collaborate with IT to handle issues more readily.

All of this was accomplished in a single week as part of the initial POC agreement. As a result, the company further engaged with ZWS to use DocState for BOM extracts on production projects.


the benefits

Daikin now has added value to its Agile PLM system.

Staff have decreased manual work-arounds and data entry, and so decreased errors and increased productivity.

Before implementing DocState engineering had to manually export BOMs 30–40 times each week. That function is now fully automated, increasing time savings and productivity of engineering staff, and assuring that everyone is working from the most up-to-date information available.