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The ZERO WAIT-STATE difference

Zero Wait-State (ZWS) solutions – both cloud-based and on-premise – power industrial innovation to capture the “voice of the product”, unleash the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT), and optimize Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). We partner with companies to develop and implement an effective engineering process and technology strategy.

ZWS helps you better integrate your design data into your product development and supply chain operations — accelerating innovation, driving revenue growth, and reducing new product introduction (NPI) costs.

Our PLM and IoT products, including our internally developed applications, coupled with our expert consulting services provide extensive, proven capabilities for implementation, engineering integration, and data migration; backed by our unique Outcomes-Based Methodology and TeamState Approach.

We are technology agnostic, meaning, we select the right tool for the job to meet our customers' desired outcomes. Some of our key PLM partners are Oracle, PropelPLM, and PTC. Click HERE to see all of our technology partners.

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ZWS’ solutions-delivery approach is built around the following:

  • Outcomes-Based Methodology — We focus on delivering significant and measurable business results based on the outcomes our customers need to achieve.
  • TeamState Approach — We provide our customers 360-degree access to our architects, project managers, technical consultants, support specialists, product managers, and senior executives — all of whom are US-based. “When you get one of us, you get all of us.”
  • Internal Infrastructure — ZWS leverages many of the same PLM systems and tools that our customers use, allowing us to experience and resolve the challenges that our customers face every day. 
  • Modern Technology — This allows us to run our business with low overhead and pass on the cost savings to our customers. It also allows us to quickly replicate customers’ technical environments and rapidly solve problems with their PLM platform.

Our domain expertise includes:

•  Innovation Management (IM) •  Product Quality Management (PQM)
•  Computer-Aided Design (CAD), and Product Data Management (PDM) •  Product Governance & Compliance (PG&C)
•  Product Collaboration (PC) •  PLM Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI)
•  Product Portfolio Management (PPM) •  Systems Integration and Data Migration
•  Product Cost Management (PCM)  



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Why the name Zero Wait-State?

Most technical people are familiar with the term "zero wait-state". When we founded our company ten years ago we wanted a name that reflected what we do. Too many companies in our industry have meaningless initials or names that have nothing to do with their activities. I have difficulty sometimes recalling some of these names and I wanted something that would resonate. The term goes back to the early days of electronic design when memory chips and system busses functioned at different speeds. Wait-States were used to enable the faster system to wait and synchronize with the slower system. Eventually engineers developed "zero wait-state" memory which fully synchronized with the bus and provided optimal performance. We see similar parallels in the product development environment where technology and process tend to operate at different speeds. It also manifests itself in the different systems companies use to capture product development and manufacturing information. We develop software and provide services to eliminate these wait-states between process and technology and between disparate systems which results in optimal performance for product development organizations.